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Here is the latest interview with Dr Marco Ruggiero, who developed Bravo Probiotic – It starts off talking about his history working with cancer and HIV/AIDS, however, he reveals the ground breaking research behind the development of the product and why it also works for Autism.

Here are some of the transcribed notes from the section about Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt and how best to take it:

“Our main target, as far as reconstituting the microbiome was concerned , was the gut microbiome.
We know that by reconstituting the gut microbiome, we also rebalance the immune system
Now, we know that we have to reconstitute the brain microbiome and the brain immune system.

Having learned that
Microbes reach the brain using immune cells as vehicles, and knowing the pathways (macrophages and lymphatic vessels) that the immune cells use to travel to the brain,
We hypothesized a new way of delivering our microbiome reconstituting product (Bravo) in order to maximise the reconstitution of the brain microbiome.

We observed that
The best way to access the brain microbiome is to target the cells of the mucosae-associated lymphoid tissue that are in the Waldeyer’s tonsillar ring (the largest concentration of macrophages in the body) and to have them recirculate back and forth from the throat to the brain and vice versa. The macrophage from here go everywhere into the lymph system and to the brain.

A circular ‘ring’ of lymphoid tissue guards the entrance to the nasopharynx and oropharynx – the tonsillar ring ( Waldeyer)

Every time you have a mouthful, you see the bolus, the yoghurt goes exactly where the macrophages are located, so as long as you keep the yoghurt in your mouth and you swallow it slowly, you are stimulating the macrophages. The macrophages are not only activated in your system, something we have already seen, but they also pick up some of the microbes, not all of them and carried up to the brain.
The macrophages have to be in good health, good strength and efficiently stimulated

The best way to deliver the Bravo

Our microbiome reconstituting product, Bravo, to the brains, therefore, is to divide the daily dose (120 ml for an adult) into 6 doses ie. 20ml or one full tablespoon) and
To keep it in the mouth as long as possible so the continuously target the cells of the mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue.

In this way we also target the deep cervical nodes.

Webinar screened 11 January 2016

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