Professor Marco Ruggiero gave a presentation in Germany on the 29th of November 2015 to explain why Rerum is superior to and replaces GcMAF as the ultimate “Macrophage Activating Factor”.

Here is the link to download the presentation from the 3rd International congress on Integrated medicine, Germany, November 2015:

The non-protein, non-blood-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF).


Conflict of Interest – Dr Marco has shares in both Rerum and Bravo.

The old and wrong concepts surrounding GcMAF and Nagalase are presented (Reference to The GcMAF book).

The scientific literature on HIV and AIDS is enormous, only 4 papers (all authored by Dr N Yamamoto), mention Nagalase as part of HIV.

Deconstruction of Nagalase in cancer concept.

  • Dr. Yamamoto, Nagalase and the clinical effectiveness of GcMAF.
  • Nagalase as a dependable tumor marker
  • molecular structure
  • evidence
  • Conclusion
    • People with no GcMaf have lower incidence of breast cancer
    • People with cancer do not show reduce levels of GcMAf.
    • The level of GcMAG in cancer patients is much higher than that of exogenous GcMAG commonly administered.
    • ASD subjects with elevated Nagalase are not immunodeficient and do not develop cancer.
    • HIV does not produce Nagalase.

Science for effectiveness of GcMAF in cancer and other diseases

  • Evidence
  • Observation – what if theory of GcMAF-based immunotherapy is wrong
  • Reason – the published molecular structure of GcMAF
  • Results
    • GcMAF protein has no effect per se.
    • observed effects are due solely to its function as a carrier protein, a function well know for many, many years
    • GcMAF service to carry only 3 molecules, that are endowed with all the effects previously (and erroneously) attributed to GcMAF, which are:
      • activation of macrophages
      • direct inhibition of cancer cell proliferation.
      • Killing of cancer cells (apoptosis).
      • Inhibition of angiogenesis.
      • Neuroprotection and neurodevelopment.
    • Effects not due to GcMAF protein but the 3 molecules it carries
      • Vitamins D2 and D3
      • Fatty acids, in particular oleic acid
      • Chondroitin sulfate (mediates the attachment of GcMAF to the plasma membrane, not GcMAF).
    • Enabled reconstitution of effects of GcMAF without the GcMAF protein itself, (which is useless)
  • Evidence of effects attributed to GcMAF in
    • Chondroitin sulfate
    • Oleic acid, and
    • Vitamin D

The natural form of GcMAF, is the natural for of Rerum – Bravo Probiotic

There is a lot

  • of chondroitin sulfate and other glycosaminoglycans with demonstrated healthy properties in Bravo, plus:
  • GcMAG, oleic acid, vitamins, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, TFF-beta and Bamlets.
  • All these molecules plus the reconstitution of the healthy core human microbiome give Bravo all int beneficial effects, including anti-HIV activity.


Hypothesis, If

The effects attributed to the GcMAF protein were due to the three molecules that are naturally attached to GcMAF (as it occurs in Bravo)

Is it possible that no one had thought to exploit the anticancer effects of a combination fo chondroitin sulfate, oleic acid and vitamin D?

Solution presented – Rerum and the advantage over Goleic or GcMAG based on a protein backbone.

  • not derived from blood therefore not affected by controversy as in Goleic and GcMAF
  • Rerum is not digested by the acid or protease of the stomach, on the contrary, its bioavailability is increased by digestion
  • Non-allergenic
  • Bona fide dietary supplement
  • Safe, dietary supplement regulated by FDA
  • Evidence efficacy for chondroitin sulfate in Europe. (note not Rerum)
  • Bioavailable
  • Rapidly absorbed
  • Nanosized

The Rerum Protocol

  • Ketogenic diet
  • Rconstitution of the overall immune system through reconstitution of the microbiome
  • Rerum
  • Ultrasound-targeted therapy

Administration of The Rerum Protocol:

  • supplement
  • Injection
  • Intratumoral
  • sublingual
  • rectal
  • topical

Cost: 3 ml vial is 529 euros

Dosage: range from 0.05ml per day in Autism children to 0.2ml per day or 0.5ml per day for greater support to 1ml per day, every other day

(based on these dosages, product lasts from 6 days to 60 days

Special consideration is based on the claim

Claim – “It is more powerful than anything you may have used in this field so far”  –

Efficacy – None so far

Areas for further consideration:

Clinical trials or efficacy studies for Rerum not yet published

What is the benefit of Rerum over efficacy studies of individual molecules?


Alternative sources of the active molecules







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