Here’s a common story I hear from parents who have heard about Bravo yogurt and want to know if it is safe for their children.  Their child’s history can have the following similarities with my son’s story:

  • Caesarian birth
  • Trouble breastfeeding
  • Colic
  • Earache
  • Early use of antibiotics
  • Food allergies (lactose, gluten, casein)
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Sickness
  • Eczema
  • and so on with development delays, and other diagnoses.

A lot of the the above I can tick for the symptoms my son was experiencing, even as a practitioner, I was struggling with the use of steroid creams for the eczema, and the what seemed to be six-weekly patterns of nausea, time off school, strict diet (no allergens) and various supplements. I tried everything with my son’s eczema, gluten & dairy free, remedies, creams. Look at the emotional stressors, separation anxiety was huge for him, support the liver, as the skin is compensating for elimination of toxins. 

I was introduced to Bravo yogurt by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt at Autism Solutions held in the UK in October 2015.  It wasn’t available in the UK then, and to be honest I got quite a shock when I saw the price of it.  However I decided to try it and imported some for my family and some clients and we started our first trial in November.

I have to say I was blown away by how within days the constipation had shifted and this helped to reduce all the uncomfortable gut problems.  By the end of the second week, the eczema was clearing, and after a month it was gone completely.  This was amazing after my son had suffered on and off for over three years.  Then I learnt a big lesson, when you are doing something that works – don’t stop!  

Naively, since my son was no longer struggling with gluten or lactose and was back on dairy and milk products having felt well enough and wanting to try them, I thought that initial month on Bravo has been enough to give his microbiome a boost and he seemed to no longer have the food sensitivities.  However because we stopped using it so quickly, at the end of January, I noticed he was starting to complain of tummy aches again and he was starting to scratch his skin, so I put him straight back on the Bravo and did the whole three months.  The bravo yogurt completely changed his whole gut flora and helped him get rid of all the lactose intolerance, he’s back on milk and some gluten products now.

I have been challenged by other practitioners “Why would you put anyone back on milk and gluten considering the effect they have on the body? Don’t understand”.  However, as Dr Klinghardt teaches, “it’s not the foods, or the symptoms, or the disease, it’s the terrain”.

Why is one person sensitive to lactose and another not, likewise with gluten, casein etc?

What I learnt was, my son’s ‘terrain’ i.e his microbiome, his digestive and his immune systems had all been compromised, the early life symptoms such as the colic and earache were merely symptoms or warning signs.  It wasn’t enough for me just to restrict his diet, I wanted him to be able to enjoy a wide varied diet and not have to suffer every time he ate the wrong food.  If I had just removed the foods I considered problematic, then I would’ve missed the opportunity to identify the root cause of the problem.

Now that our science understands more about the role of food sensitiivities/intolerances/allergies in leaky gut and progression to autoimmune disease, it was very important for me to deal with this at the early stages and prevent the onset of further symptoms.
Yes eliminating gluten and dairy initially in the short term was beneficial, however they were only triggers of what was activating the immune system.

Would I give me kids commercial diary full of antibiotics, hormones, A1 casein and devoid of the natural lactase – no of course not, however balancing the microbiome and replenishing the missing strains, lactose no longer presents as a problem, and with raw milk which has its natural lactase intact and the older breed milks such as Jersey, Guernsey or other A2 milks such as sheep, goat, camel, there is no engineered A1, so again milk is non-allergenic but also highly nutritious.

Similarly, would i give me kids a cheap aerated, pumelled gluten filled product which has to be fortified to class it as a food, no never, however modulation the immune system, calming the cell activation, so it is no longer triggered by mis-information, my son’s immune system is regulated, strong and working as it should, therefore able to adapt to a far more varied diet, symptom free and this is my choice for him in preference to the ‘gluten free ‘ additive filled products churned out by our commercialised food industry and the Bravo helped his body to heal itself, improve the terrain, support gut integrity and strengthen his immune system.

Does he need to be on it for life?

The way I look at it is this….in our modern day world, we have departed from the ways of nature, and are living in what is described ‘a toxic soup’ of chemical toxicants, allergens, harmful microbes, processed foods, poor diets, EMF’s, stress, depleted soil, battery farmed livestock pumped full of hormones and antibiotics.  Our skin care products contain ingredients we can’t pronounce if we are so lucky as to have them named on the label!?!

I make a batch of Bravo yogurt and juice once a fortnight and share it with my two children.  It’s my way of investing in our health to keep us strong and healthy. 🙂


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