The biggest question asked about the Bravo probiotic yoghurt is:

“Does the GcMAF in the yoghurt get destroyed by the enzymes or the low pH in the gut”

With probiotics the ability to ‘ARRIVE, SURVIVE & THRIVE’ is the measure of their effectiveness, and Bravo isn’t just a probiotic, so here’s a quick explanation of how Bravo works.

It is the combination of:

  • Colostrum and milk
  • Fermenting bacteria releasing enzymes which transform the Gc-protein into GcMAF
  • Gastro-resistant bacteria which directly colonize the gut and release the enzymes necessary to transform the own bodies own Gc-protein into GcMAF

During the fermentation of milk, colostrum, and the Bravo powders, over 250 new immune stimulating protein molecules are formed which provide an enriched Bravo end product, GcMAF is only one of them.

The natural form of GcMAF in Bravo is derived from its inactive precursor, the Gc-Protein which is converted into GcMAF during the fermentation process.

There are several mechanisms by which this process occurs:

The colostrum (which is part of the Bravo powders) and milk (which is required for the Bravo preparation) contain the Gc-Protein (the inactive precursor of the GcMAF).  When the starter powders of Bravo containing the cultures are added to the milk and colostrum, they begin to proliferate leading to the fermentation.  While proliferating, two of the different strains of bacteria release two different enzymes into the fermenting milk and colostrum, which are able to recognize the Gc-Protein and in particular to cut two sugars from the Gc-Protein. The removal of the two sugars from the Gc-Protein is the process responsible for its conversion in GcMAF.

This is a totally natural process since it derives from the proper combination of colostrum, milk and the proprietary blend of Bravo bacteria.


For a long time it has been recognised that the microbiome in the gut influenced the function of the brain, therefore, fix the gut and this will affect the brain, however, more recently it has been published that microbes are cells of the brain, just like neurons and glial cells and are just as important.  It has also been recognised that microbes arrive at the brain through the immune system and the nerves and the microbes that we have in the intestine are also the microbes we have in the brain.

The current recommendation for consuming Bravo is based on the theory that a functioning immune system is required inside the brain as well as a functional lymphatic drainage system so that the lymph can flow from the brain down to the immune system.

When the fermented Bravo containing the naturally occurring Gc-MAF is consumed, in the mouth and throat there is the lymphoid tissue which contains macrophages. In particular the Waldeyer’s tonsillar ring, this has a rich blood supply, a high concentration of macrophages and is relatively permeable.  One of the best ways to access the brain microbiome is to target these cells and when you swallow the yoghurt the macrophages of the oral mucosa, are activated by the GcMAF present in the Bravo.  It’s also possible that some GcMAF is absorbed sublingually the blood vessels in the mouth,however, the activation of the macrophages in the lymphoid tissue of the throat is thought to be the most important.


For this reason it is advised not to swallow immediately and instead keep the Bravo in the mouth for up to 30 seconds before swallowing it or as long as possible.   It is also advised that the best way to deliver healthy macrophages is to continuously target the cells of the mucosa and lymphoid tissue and divide the daily dose into 6 x 20ml doses.

Once the macrophages of the oral mucosa have been triggered and activated they spread in the other lymphoid tissues of the body playing their role.

After swallowing, YES, part of the proteins of the product (GcMAF included) are of course digested.  However, all does not end here as Bravo also contains bacteria resistant to the low pH of the stomach and they are able to reach the gut,  unaffected.


Among the strains which can survive the low stomach pH, some of them have the same ability to release the two enzymes converting the Gc-Protein in GcMAF.

So, once those gastro-resistant bacteria have colonised the gut,  they reconstitute the gut microbiome and also release into the gut the enzymes able to recognise and convert our own Gc-Protein and trigger the activation of macrophages in the gut-associated lymphoid Tissue (GALT).

Bravo yoghurt can also be administered rectally by either use of a suppository or as an enema, a similar mechanism as described above activates the macrophages of the rectal mucosa.

For more infomation about GcMAF, you can read GcMAF in bullet points.


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