How to make homemade Bravo suppositories? Bravo yoghurt can be used to make home-made suppositories and the advantage of making your own is you have control of what ingredients to use and what size to make them your unique needs. Here are some tips on how to make homemade Bravo suppositories. For those who are unfamiliar with suppositories, a suppository is a small torpedo-shaped mass with active ingredients, that is inserted internally (either vagina or rectum), where it melts at body temperature.



  • You can buy suppository molds online they can be quite flimsy or hard to work with or alternatively try making them yourself by making a mold from aluminum foil.  You can also use the nipples from a baby bottle or pacifier.  
  • To make homemade suppository, mix 3 TBSP of yogurt and 3 TBSP of coconut oil. (The coconut oil should be like soft butter, if the product is to hard try adding cocoa butter or beeswax.) From this mixture, form twelve 1” inch rolls. Refrigerate to harden and then keep refrigerated (Do NOT freeze as this may be harmful to the probiotics).
  • Use every night before bed. Simply insert it – it will stay inside and repopulate the colon with beneficial probiotics.
You don’t have to make a suppository, Bravo yoghurt can also be used as an enema or inserted via a syringe.

  • Plastic hypodermic medical syringe (without the needle) can be purchased relatively cheaply in a variety of sizes (1ml, 2-3ml etc).       
  • For a 75Kg adult: Mix 20-25ml of Bravo drink with 20-25ml of saline solution for use as an enema. Try to retain as long as possible. This can be used every day if no side effects.
How to use your suppositories video


How to use an enema useful video


This article is for research and information purposes only.  We do not recommend attempting to use suppositories without seeking the advice of your GP or registered health practitioner.

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