Bravo requires a mammal milk such as cow, goat, sheep, camel and yes you can even use human breastmilk, however to get the full benefits of Bravo,  not rice, almond or coconut milk, (you will still get a highly probiotic mix, however you will miss the benefits of Bravo which requires the Gc protein for conversion.  Do not use ultrapasturized milk which damages the proteins.  Stay with the most natural, simple milk you can buy.  We love John’s Jersey’s because it’s raw milk, although you still have to boil the milk to denature the proteins.  We also love the Graham’s gold top, as it makes a lovely creamy yogurt.

Some people are concerned that this is a dairy product, however the final product is really very different from a dairy product, if you are concerned about dairy, this article explains more.

Our favourite milk for making Bravo

1).  John’s Jerseys


 It is illegal to sell unpasteurised milk through shops, catering establishments, hotels, hospitals and schools in England and Wales.  On November 4th of this year (1997) the government announced its renewed intention to ban unpasteurised milk on the grounds that it presents a health hazard, yet unpasteurised milk has special qualities that are destroyed by pasteurisation.

The supposed aim of pasteurisation of milk is to prevent risks to public health. Yet this ignores the many benefits of untreated milk and the damaging effects of heat treatment.  The question is whether these effects are outweighed by the one advantage of pasteurisation, the destruction of disease bacteria.  Please read more here.>>

2). Graham’s Goldtop

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