There have been lots of questions about the new Kettokerri product Chondroitin Sulfate, with Vitamin D and Oleic.  Whilst we can’t make recommendations or give health advice.  Here are some additional resources which we found very beneficial for our research.


Professor Marco Ruggiero gave a presentation in Germany to the 3rd International congress on Integrated medicine, November 2015 to explain why Rerum is superior to and replaces GcMAF as the ultimate “Macrophage Activating Factor”.

Here is the link to download the presentation The non-protein, non-blood-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF).

N.B.  This is an injectable product and therefore www.bravoprobiotic.co.uk does not stock this product.


Next we saw the launch of the Bravo (NON DIARY)  juice also based on this science with the addition of the unique probiotic mix already familiar to Bravo users.



Cytoinnovations who also produce the Cytonic Protein Food Supplements and the Cytonic Intensive Renewal Creams, also launched their version of a ‘Rerum’ type product, and whilst it is also a nano-sized product, it is registered as a Food supplement rather than an injectable.


Most recently Kettokerri product Chondroitin Sulfate, with Vitamin D and Oleic was released and added to our store.  You can listen to an interview here with Leading MIT researcher Dr Stephanic Seneff talking with Kerri on the benefits of Sulfates in the diet.


  1. Sulphate derivative contains no proteins and therefore can be more stable for example a sulphate is not affected by the stomach acid. Therefore it can be passed more easily through the gastrointestinal tract, which improves bioavailability and transportation.
  2. Research shows that the ingredients of Chroitin sulfate, Oleic acid and Vitamin D are non allergenic
  3. These three ingredients are recognised as food supplements, and each have an evidence base in their own right and have been used in different forms for decades. These three main ingredients, Chondroitin Sulphate, Vitamin D and Oleic Acid,  are approved and recognised as dietary supplements in the U.S. by The Food and Drug Administration.
  4. The molecular structure of these three ingredients and combination, can be rapidly and easily absorbed via many routes. For example, orally, sub-lingually, topically etc.
  5. Omnia® is manufactured in a state-of-the art ISO & GMP-certified facility in Europe.
  6. KK Chondroitin is sourced in the USA and bottled in the USA at an FDA approved lab.
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