This is a question that was asked at the Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference held in Spain, April 2018 by

Christa Krahnert in her presentation on the microbiome.
What was incredibly interesting was when she presented the following theory….
Theory: if your microbiome is changed to a healthy one you should not taste the rotten eggs flavor out of sulphuric salt…
  • Is this a good way to test our microbiome?
  • Its certainly easier and cheaper than biomedical testing.
I thought I would give it a try, however, so far I’ve tried MSM, however that may not have been the best choice as its already de-odorised.  I’ve tried Epsom salts…..horrible as they are…no rotten eggs flavour there either.  So I was on the hunt for something that would taste like rotten eggs, without eating rotten eggs themselves….and a fellow colleague from the conference was posting ‘DAY 8’ – still tasting rotten eggs.  So after a quick exchange I ordered this ground black lava salt which is supposed to have a ‘distinct pungent smell and taste’…

I can concur with the distinct taste, however, I can also gladly say that despite reports from others tasting the sulphur – not for me 🙂 and I should probably say that this could also be because I do think my microbiome is strong due to the wonderful Bravo products.
Following my initial 3 months of the Bravo probiotic a couple of years ago now, I now have a maintenance schedule whereby I make a batch of Bravo yogurt and Bravo juice either fortnightly or monthly and share between myself and my two children. I’ve also used the Bravo suppositories occasionally, and if we are travelling, I will always take the Bravo Freeze dried with us.  This seems to do the trick and while I’ll keep looking for the ‘rotten egg’ flavour…….I think I’m on the right track. 🙂

If you are not familiar yet with the importance of the microbiota and how it can help our health, then this wonderful little video really nails it.

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