Improvement in healthy markers for Bravo and imuno products

A new study published in The American Journal of immunology describes the case of a 57-years-old male healthy professional who added to his nutritional plan a novel, extremely biodiverse, probiotic and a supplement based on microbial chondroitin sulfate, vitamin D3 and ultrapure phosphatidylcholine to improve his healthy life expectancy. At the end of the three month observation period on the above nutritional regime,

  • serum alpha-N- acetylgalactosaminidase (nagalase) activity was 0.40, that is a value below the minimum level established for adults (normal values: 0.50-0.95 nMol/mL/min).
  • C-reactive Protein (CRP) was less than 1 (normal values: 0.00-5.00 mg/L), a value significantly lower than that recorded before this experience.
  • serum albumin level was 45 g/L, a value very close to the maximum reference value (normal values: 32.00-46.00 g/L).
  • The Prognostic Inflammatory Nutritional Index (PINI) score was 0.05, a value that is close to the minimum calculated value (normal values: 0.00-1.00) and suggests a very low risk of death for all causes.

Observation in silico and experiments in vitro demonstrated that both the probiotic and the supplement formed complexes with human nagalase with an efficiency 100 fold higher than that of purified Gc protein- derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF). The collection of these observations suggests that the combination of this probiotic and this supplement may lead to overall beneficial effects on health as evidenced by positive changes of indicators of immune system function and healthy aging such as nagalase, CRP, albumin and PINI score.

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