Customs & Security Information

All shipments are subject to security screening, regardless of destination. Shipments will be X-rayed and their contents inspected to ensure that they are safe for transit.

All parcels shipped to and from territories outside of the European Union are subject to Customs Clearance. This also applies to special and overseas territories linked to EU member states (e.g. Channel Islands, Canary Islands, Falkland Islands, etc).

Due to the number of countries and destinations we ship to, we are unable to advise on specific customs policies but we have provided some general customs advice below to help you.

Receiver liability for import duties, taxes and charges:

Import duties and taxes may be payable by the receiver depending on the commodity and value of the goods. In some (but not all) countries, personal effects are exempt from these charges.

Import duty is usually charged as a percentage of the declared value of your goods. A customs clearance administration fee may also be charged. All customs charges must be paid before your goods can be released for delivery.

Export Preference

The European Union has trade agreements with certain countries outside of the EU, whereby exporters may be entitled to claim a preferential tariff on the import of certain goods. Please see the HMRC website for more information.